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  • GIHED CREDAI with GST Saheli Portal
  • MOU for Gihed Connect magazine with Navgujarat Samay
  • Malegaon delegatation at GIHED CREDAI HOUSE
  • Good wishing mtg. held with newly appointed Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner, Shri Vijaybhai Nehra(IAS) and Mayor Smt. Bijalben Patel.
lodge a compaint Start

To enhance quicker & simpler facility for resolving disputes between property buyers and developers. To support and boost the activities of the Real Estate Sector, to establish a unbiased and transparent platform between the buyer and developer, GIHED CREDAI has started a consumer focused activity of starting a Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum [CGRF].

The Entire proceedings are not judicial, quasi-judicial or adjudicatory in nature. Forum records the reasons and terms of such settlement and the same is notified to both parties. Dissatisfied party can have option of formal recourse in relevant Courts of law. All information and process exchanged during the proceedings will kept partially confidential. Forum will rely on market practice and policy affirmed for the CGRF practice.